The Salon Improving Call Management to Remove Barriers to Growth

The Salon Improving Call Management to Remove Barriers to Growth

This hairdressing salon has improved call management and helped streamline client communication and efficiency within the business.

Identifying the Problem

As a self employed hairdresser, Laura Burton was used to using a PTSN single line with just one analogue handset which was usually picked up by the first member of staff available. However, having recently seen a huge increase in business, Laura was looking to expand her communications system in order to better manage the new influx of customers.

With only one analogue handset and no voicemail facility, the salon often missed out on customer calls, and was unable to call them back to arrange an appointment. Previously, customers had complained that they struggled to get through to the salon, but didn’t want to go elsewhere, making upgrading her telecommunications a number one priority for Laura as she continued to grow the business.

How We Helped

To combat this issue, we installed a new Hosted Voice Express and FTTP to help make it easier to manage customer calls, improve client relationships and maximise profit.

Laura’s PSTN Single Line was ported to Hosted Voice Express and a new FTTP broadband was installed to support the voice functionality. Checking that the PDQ machine was IP compatible and had a strong WiFi connection to the router, ensured that conditions were optimal to receive and re-direct calls.

Flexibility is key for self employed workers, so the My Voice App was set up on Laura’s mobile phone, ensuring she could make and receive salon-related calls even when she wasn’t on the premises. Additionally, voicemail was activated to minimise the risk of lost business due to missed calls; time and holiday schedules were also created to divert calls to voicemail outside of working hours.

As a growing business, Laura needed the solution to be scalable. As V-IP Express can offer up to 10 licences on one site, Laura can rest assured that as the business expands, her telephony solution can easily be tailored to meet the changing business needs.

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