Improving Call Capacity for Home-Based Businesses

Improving Call Capacity for Home-Based Businesses

See how a florist increased call capacity whilst running their business from home, improving their ability to manage calls, and helping maintain a better work-life balance.

Identifying the Problem

As a home-based business, Jacob and Enid built their business using a residential landline and fibre broadband to take orders for their florist through the phone and via their website. As the business began to blossom, however, they found that the large volume of orders they were receiving made this method unsustainable.

The business found that they were routinely missing orders whilst out making deliveries and were also struggling with the disruption to their home life due to receiving calls late in the evening or on days off. They wanted to find more sustainable solutions and to create a strategy to install IP Voice calls – the perfect solution to meet all their needs.

The Solution

As a starting point, the voice capacity was confirmed on their FTTC connectivity solution using the Network Assessment, and then the process of migrating them to SOGEA for a more reliable broadband solution began that would help to future-proof their business communications.

Two Hosted Voice Express licenses were then ordered. One had a Cisco ATA for Jacob and Enid to use on their existing home phone, and the other was compatible with an IP headset, which would enable Enid to stay on top of incoming calls whilst working.

To further streamline communication with customers, the Softphone application was added to Jacob and Enid’s mobile phones, ensuring that they won’t miss any calls whilst out of the workshop. Their main number to Hosted Voice Express was also ported and time schedules set up – this means that calls will be directed to voicemail out of hours, enabling them to enjoy their evenings and days off without interruption.

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