With energy bills a huge overhead for every business, it’s vital to secure the best energy rates for your business.

At Zusi we guarantee to save you a minimum of 30% on your energy bills quickly and easily.

That’s because we can get access to wholesale deals that often companies cannot directly access.

It means we can find you the best rate on the market by comparing all 11 major providers.

If you switch to us, we will make sure your prices are fixed for the next three years, protecting your business from future energy price rises

Even if you’re still tied into a contract, we can still help save you money in the long-term.

Energy can be signed up to five years in advance of the start date which means we can still secure rates for you now, ready for you transfer over once your current deal ends.

And if you are in a contract but are unsure when it ends you can sign and return a letter of authority allowing us to go direct to your supplier and get the information for you, saving you the time and hassle.


According to Ofgem nearly three quarters of business customers don’t regularly review their energy provider options. That means they could be missing out on savings and are spending more money than they need to.

If you work with us, that will never happen to you.

Our proactive account management means we will always contact you to let you know when your energy contract is ending so we can take the steps needed to avoid you falling into ‘out of contract,’ prices that are on average 40% higher than current rates.

Talk to the team today about how we can help you reduce what is one of the biggest overheads a company can face.  We’re here to help.

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