Case Study: Stockton Drilling

Case Study: Stockton Drilling

Stockton Drilling is a specialist horizontal directional drilling contractor based in Wakefield and we’ve been working with them since 2020. A fully functioning communications system was something that they needed to invest in, enabling the business to be ready for the ISDN switch off and have the scalability it needed to have from a hosted phone system.

The History

Stockton Drilling’s communications provider at the time kept on increasing costs and so it became priority that they look at alternative options that were fit for purpose and also cost effective.  Moving over to a VoIP system was something they had considered but the time was right to look at this more carefully, especially since many of the workforce are on the move.  Being able to collaborate and communicate effectively was essential.

What We Did

They contacted Zusi who did a full communications review, proposing a VoIP system which would deliver a range of features and benefits to the business.  The transfer was smooth and seamless, business disruption was kept to an absolute minimum and the staff soon became familiar with the new handsets and the different methods of keeping in touch with colleagues.

Everything was transferred simply and efficiently.

Stockton Drilling
Stockton Drilling
The Result

The VoIP system has been smooth running, providing everyone with a seamless method of communication.  This became essential, because just as the new system was installed, the pandemic hit, creating the immediate need for everyone to follow government guidance and work from home.  Everyone was able to make and receive calls as if they were based in the office allowing the business to continue to operate as best it could during an uncertain period.

What Stockton Drilling say 

“The new phone system we have works brilliantly and efficiently.  Any support we require has always been dealt with promptly and any issues resolved quickly.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zusi and their team to deliver a communications system for your business.”

Charles Bliss
Stockton Drilling Limited
Procurement Manager

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