Case Study: Helping Teams Work From Anywhere

Case Study: Helping Teams Work From Anywhere

Zusi worked with a small to medium sized office business to increase the mobility of their team, enabling them to work from anywhere, as well as maximising security.

The Project Background

Prior to beginning the project, Jane’s team used a combination of office devices and personal laptops and computers to complete their day to day tasks, many of which operated using outdated software and possessed several security issues.

The team regularly spend time working from home, but also come together consistently to conduct meetings. With a steadily increasing turnover, Jane’s business required a robust update to their communications methods and IT resources, ensuring a higher level of security and more efficient communication between team members. New devices would need to be portable and durable, as well as supporting Microsoft 365 tools such as PowerPoint, Excel and Teams.

What the Team Needed

A fleet of modern, high performance devices that could support remote and flexible working.

  • High level security and compatibility with Microsoft applications.
  • Reliable connectivity options, portability and the ability to share files between team members.
What We Did

For Jane’s team, we recommended the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Business. With top-level security, connectivity and options for continuity amongst other devices, it would allow the team to complete the work they needed at a high level, wherever they were.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 was built for hybrid working, making it the perfect option for Jane’s team who, in a post-Covid world, needed a solution that prioritised flexibility and mobility without compromising on safety or security.

At Zusi, its our job to help choose the correct communications solution to your business – whether that’s an internet solution or a fleet of devices for your team! To get advice from one of our experts today, simply get in touch via the contact form on our website!

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