Case Study: Enhanced Data Security For Financial Services

Case Study: Enhanced Data Security For Financial Services

Zusi supported the CEO of an independent insurance brokerage to deploy a fleet of high-performance smartphones with enhanced data security.

The Project Background

Maryam’s team provides an extensive portfolio of insurance products to high net worth individuals across the Midlands, work which requires a top level of data security across all practices and devices. However, with a reliance on flexible working and working from home this was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

Staff work mainly from home, but with a focus on site visits to their clients throughout the year. All staff used company-issued devices, but these came from different providers and had different specifications, making security and continuity a problem.

Maryam wanted to replace all company devices with a fleet of standardised handsets from the same provider, that could support top-level security and continuity between staff members.

What the Team Needed
  • To replace their current fleet of disparate devices with a standard set of mutually compatible smartphones.
  • High grade security with fast and easy device set up.
  • The ability to properly equip staff members for remote and hybrid working.
What We Did

For Jane’s team, we recommended the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series with Enterprise Edition. The S22 features an end-to-end ecosystem that ensures maximum security whilst encouraging team members to work as productively as possible wherever they are.

Enterprise Edition features five years of firmware updates, so Maryam can be sure that all devices are protected against malware, phishing and cyber attacks. With an easy set-up, user interface and compatibility for collaboration, it was the perfect solution for Maryam’s security-conscious, modern team.

At Zusi, security is always a priority – we’re here to ensure that your industry’s security and safety standards are met across any device and solution we implement!

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