3 ways that 3CX can help improve efficiency in your organisation

3 ways that 3CX can help improve efficiency in your organisation

We are partnered with 3CX to deliver unified communications which go beyond meetings and calls. It enables us to deliver one of the most powerful telephony systems in the world and provide the best unified communications solution for our customers.

We know that each and every one of our clients has unique needs around communication, and so we need to work with a technology partner that can deliver a phone system that can be tailored to meet these individual needs – we’ve been partnering with 3CX since 2020 to allow us to do just that.

Here are 3 ways that 3CX can help improve efficiency in your organisation.

  1. Delivering a fully functional VoIP phone system.

VoIP is the future of telephony, enabling a more dynamic communications system within your team and with your customers. Using 3CX, we’re able to support web conferencing, call queues, social media messaging and more to ensure you’re able to communicate with your customers in a way that suits you best.

  1. Software integrations.

Not only does 3CX enable us to deliver streamlined communications solutions, it also means your communications system can integrate with your existing online infrastructures, from your CRM systems and even Office 365!

  1. Call data retention.

We know just how important it is for your telecommunications systems not only to enable effective communication, but to allow you to understand important information about your customers. Using 3CX, we allow you to retain call data for easier customer management and for improved data handling.

3CX is the all-in-one customer communications system that we use to ensure you and your customers have the best communications experience possible. If ensuring you’re ready for the ISDN switch off is top of your priority list for 2024, then this could be the solution for you.

To learn more about 3CX, give us a call on 01782 409300, or email us on letstalk@zusi.co.uk to enquire today.

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